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Progressive Web Apps a Blend of Web and Mobile


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Progressive Web Apps a Blend of Web and Mobile

Sample PWA screens from Lazerstation



Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are a blend of web pages and mobile apps that have gained popularity in the ever-changing digital world. What sets PWAs apart is their ability to provide an app experience directly within a web browser making them compatible, with platforms, including desktop and mobile devices.

PWA Technology

The backbone of PWAs lies in technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These foundational elements shape the structure, style and functionality of PWAs.

PWAs can handle features like push notifications and offline functionality.

Another essential component is the ability to 'install' PWAs on their home screens while defining their appearance and launch behaviour. Furthermore, secure hosting through HTTPS ensures data integrity and privacy.

Sample PWA screenshots for Lazerstation

Development time & cost

One notable advantage of PWAs over apps is reduced development time and cost. Instead of creating apps for iOS and Android building a PWA with a single codebase that functions across multiple platforms proves to be faster and more cost-effective.

You can directly access them through a web browser without going through the app store submission process or paying any fees.

PWA Updates

Unlike apps that require users to download updates, PWAs update automatically whenever you visit the web page.

PWAs are designed to work on low-end devices and, under network conditions making them accessible to a wider range of users.

The Shift in Trend from App to PWA

There's a shift happening from apps towards PWAs driven by several factors.

  • PWAs users can instantly engage without the need to download anything from an app store.
  • Compared to apps PWAs take up less storage space on devices.
  • Thanks, to the webs presence PWAs can reach an audience without requiring app store downloads.
  • As PWAs are web based search engines index PWAs and improve their visibility.
  • Progressive Web Apps have revolutionized how we access and interact with applications. By combining the features of both web and mobile apps they offer businesses a cost-efficient and user-friendly platform. As technology advances and user preferences change over time it is expected that more businesses and developers will choose PWAs as their go-to option.

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