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Enhance Your Business with Custom Software Development.

We are a software development company located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.


Who is Lazerstation?

At Lazerstation, our expertise is crafting websites and web applications that seamlessly integrate with your business.

We excel at constructing platforms like portals, intranets and online databases that combine functionality and user-friendliness to enhance your business's performance and efficiency.

Our development team comprises software developers who have worked together for many years.

Whether you want to create a new system from scratch or upgrade your existing systems, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Mark at Lazerstation has been extremely helpful for our business! We called upon his services to help change our extremely dated website, and this is now online, and sending us leads.

Claire Kay

Excellent service from Mark, nothing was to much trouble, he went above and beyond, listened to my requests and provided a bespoke service to suit my requirements. The site is mobile friendly, super quality and very easy to navigate.

Sarah Sullivan

I recently had the opportunity to witness the remarkable work of Lazerstation in developing a bespoke CRM system for us at Trust Education, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. The level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication demonstrated by Lazerstation throughout the project was truly outstanding.

Darren Artley

Some of what we do


Website Design

Shopping Carts

Scheduling / Booking

Web Catalogues


Database Management

Customer Dashboards

Quote Systems



App Development

SMS Processing

Real-Time Data

Map Systems


Websites (Web Design, Web Development)

While it is true that most people are familiar with websites and their general purpose, it's important to note that not all websites are created equal.

In today's era, having a website is crucial for reaching an audience, establishing credibility, and accomplishing personal or business objectives.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A CRM system plays a role in helping businesses manage their relationships with customers. It is a software tool that aids companies in organising, tracking and managing interactions with existing and potential customers.

At its core, a CRM system consolidates customer information into one location. This gives businesses an overview of all customer interactions through email, phone calls, or meetings. CRM systems enable companies to gain insights about their customer base over time while streamlining processes by consolidating of customer information into a database.

  • Efficiently organise your customer data

  • Communication logs such as calls, text messages and emails

  • Identify customer trends to enhance products and services

  • Generate reports to track leads and target marketing strategies

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CMS (Content Management System)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application that empowers users to create, manage and modify website content without needing knowledge. It offers a user interface for manipulating text, images, and multimedia elements.

The benefits of using a CMS include management of website content updates without coding requirements and scalability as your business grows.

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Mobile Apps

Apps are software applications specifically developed for a mobile operating system, like iOS or Android.

There are advantages to using applications. They are faster and more efficient since they work seamlessly with the device's hardware. This results in improved performance and a responsive user experience. Native apps can also utilise the set of features the operating system provides.

  • Streamline and automate various workflows and processes within your organisation

  • Instant messaging, team calendars, document sharing, project management tools

  • Gain a competitive edge, demonstrate technological advancement and professionalism

  • Your employees can access company resources and complete tasks by using their devices

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PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

Generally, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer a cost-efficient approach to mobile app development compared to traditional methods. This is because they are built using web technologies, making them quicker to create. Additionally, PWAs are easier to maintain and update as changes can be deployed directly on the web server without requiring users to download updates.

This makes PWAs attractive for businesses looking to enhance user engagement and expand their audience without the complexities and expenses associated with developing apps.

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Schedule/Booking Systems

A digital tool known as an appointment or booking system with a calendar has been developed to streamline the scheduling process for appointments, meetings or reservations. This type of system finds use across industries such as healthcare, hospitality, beauty and professional services.

The advantages of using an appointment or booking system with a calendar are significant. They alleviate the burden of managing appointments while minimizing scheduling conflicts and reducing no-shows through reminders.

  • Enhanced effectiveness

  • Boosted productivity

  • Improved customer support

  • Increased revenue generation

  • Data Import and Export

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Why opt for customised software development?

We closely collaborate with our clients to comprehend their requirements and deliver tailor-made software solutions that evolve alongside their businesses. Our team of developers and designers can convert your application into a robust online platform that streamlines your business processes and boosts productivity.

From user interfaces to backend systems, we possess the expertise to transform your offline application into a highly efficient online platform.

Our services cover Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. We understand the importance of working with companies where you can establish connections. Therefore, we prioritise doing business within a 20-mile radius of our office. It will be fine if you need to meet us or vice versa.

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Areas Covered: Barnsley - Doncaster - Rotherham - Sheffield and surrounding area